Barriers to Entry

 We have two three barriers to entry : Technology Development, Brand Endorsement and Brand Communication.

Technology Development

  • Develop Inhouse digital force for operation: Integrate 3D design software and digital technology to create a digital ecosystem from creation to production, which will provides a high efficient platform of communication and production.

  • Develop Inhouse 3D Visualization engineer force for consumer-facing interface : Develop an advanced 3D interactive virtualization experience ( like video game) for user experience.

Brand Communication

  • Increase visibility in Grass-roots events, establish reputation among the community, gain brand trust.

  • Focus on Digital Marketing: work with digital marketing firm to create a marketing plan & campaign targeting our consumer group at the popular platforms where they engage with the community, plan games and such.

  • Establish community KOL relationship , build up brand trust, increase the communication power.

Brand Endorsement Plan

  • Partnership and Sponsorship for grass-roots events, league and organization : Schools / Non-Profit / Companies/ Organization/ etc.

  • Partnership and Sponsorship for professional team sports events.