China is a global sports powerhouse with a rapid growing domestic sports market.  The current sportswear market 2018 in China is 210 billion RMB ( 30 billion USD) with a projected 8% YoY growth and expected 301 billion RMB market size in 2022. 33% of the market is professional sportswear and footwear with a higher than average growth of 17% YoY , which is the fastest growing category in sportswear.

Several market surveys shows a broadening landscape for sports engagement with increasing number of competitive matches across the country , increasing Government investment 5 trillion RMB ( 813 billion  USD) and policy action support ( including grassroots sports to elite performance).



The current China market for Sportswear is 210 billion RMB with projected 8% YoY growth, 33% of which is professional sportswear with projected 10+% YoY growth , fastest growing category in Sportswear industry.


Growing market size attracts a lot of established foreign sports brands to China, with 18% Adidas and 15% Nike leading the market share followed by other local or global brands. Most of which are operating the same traditional sportswear business model “ Design -> Production -> Sale”  with Wholesale + Director-to-Consumers distributions. Several brands have established Chinese-Focus creation center in China to cater the needs from locals. Personalization service is introduced by leading brands such as Nike ID , Adidas Mi, Anta Uni. A growing number of small sportswear independent brands are growing on 2C e-commerce platform such as which are targeting more custom needs too.


To compete with the competitive sportswear industry in China market, we are laser-focusing on grass-roots consumers to provide exact what they need with digital technology powered service. Our goal is to become the leading brands in grass-roots sports category and smartest sports brand in the market.

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