Furontia provides sportswear in major sports categories , products include mainly apparel , accessory with small footwear drop. Target consumer is Chinese grass-roots sports participant. Consumers can go to Furontia’s digital platform ( website / app ) , choose sports category they play for, shop the product collection on display powered by 3D virtualization and make interactive real-time customization. Customization services including fitting, color, material, embellishment and such based on design offering and concept.

Game-Ready Professional Products

We make professional and high quality sportswear and gears designed for sports athletes and teams with constant leading technology innovation.

Customization Service

We provide customization service such as fitting , color, material, embellishment for individuals and teams.

3D Visualization Technology

We provide the best shopping experience for sportswear by using 3D technology to show case products with real-time customization , fitting through various key motion movements. We aim to provide video-gaming-like experience for our consumers.