Furontia’s goal is to establish a sports brand that breaths consumer obsession, technology empowerment and community service in the new retail ecosystem, with the rapid changing ways of how modern consumers engaging, participating and organizing community-lead sports games through online platform, Furontia aims to become the leader of sports brand that can provide the seamless products offerings.



Modern grass-roots sports communities in China are evolving their way of participating and organizing their games from traditional offline to digital platforms. So is the way they shop for equipment they need for the games. In the digital era, like for all other consumer goods, the athletes are demanding quality , personalization, speed and relevant newness for the product all at once. However, the traditional business models in this industry (product-channel–sale) is not built for such high level of agility, efficiency and digitalization , it can’t support athletes’ constantly changing sports lifestyle scenarios and tastes. By empowering technology through out the entire business model, Furontia is built for serving this community. We are redefining what is a modern sports brand should be by defining how professional sportswear should be made and how they should be merchandised by digitalizing creation process, maximizing customization, elevating shopping experience, and utilizing consumers insights while keeping the same high professional standards. Furontia’s goal is to be the first brand to go to when the modern grass-roots sports community needs any sports products.

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